Start thinking About LED Strip Lighting

If you haven't already made the switch to LED, start thinking about it. Every day more and more people are swapping their regular bulbs for LEDs and it's not hard to see why. Because they're so much more energy efficient, not only are you helping the environment through lower emissions, but you also stand to make considerable financial savings.

LED Lights lamps only lose approximately 20% of their energy to heat loss, compared to 80% of an incandescent bulb- meaning less of your money is wasted, and it also means less chance of burnt fingers and blown bulbs. Think about the savings you could make through replacing just one of your bulbs, then think what a difference you could make through changing your entire home. At Simple Lighting we have a vast collection of LED Strip Lighting for both indoors and outdoors, and there's always a style to suit everyone.

LED Lamp

We're contacted regularly by people looking to make the conversion from old Halogen lamps to LEDs, but aren't really sure where to start. Our gu10 LED bulbs are the perfect replacement for the old fashioned gu10 bulbs, which are the most common found bulbs in UK households, workplaces and offices.

Not only do these bulbs save you money, but they actually provide a better quality of light too. As well as being brighter, they also show a cleaner colour which remains true even when dimmed.

What's even better is that LED technology is improving all the time, so affordability and quality only looks set to improve.

Another highly searched product within our collection are the MR16 LED bulbs. Again these are the same as the traditional ones so they can be easily replaced. One you've begun to experience the benefits of making the shift, why not take a look through some of our more experimental lighting solutions and see how you could transform your home.