White Label Services

At Real-time Outsource, we know just what it takes to put you on center stage with white-label services for social media management, SEO, blogging, emal promotions. From Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Foursquare, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Scribd, Digg, Reddit, Tumblr and many more. We work hard for our advertising agency partners.

How it Works
Once you sign up as a Real-time White Label Reseller, the social media world is yours. You control the packages and pricing, you control the marketing practices, you control the game. We'll provide you with:

1. Our entire suite of social media marketing and customization services at amazing wholesale rates
2. Ability to set your own pricing with private label, editable pricing documents
3. Social Media Strategy, Intake, and Order Form templates
4. Detailed monthly reporting
5. Ongoing sales support and consultation

The Benefits
Why would you want to resell Social Media services? Being a Social Media Reseller:

1. Adds an additional stream of revenue to your business model
2. Provides a convenient "one-stop shop" experience to your customers, which increases consumer spend and brand loyalty
3. Creates an additional selling point when acquiring new customers
4. Allows you to 'outsource' tasks that would otherwise have required an in-house solution
5  Offers a scalable solution that grows as you grow

Get Started with your White Label Services with http://realtimeoutsource.com/services/white-label-services.html