Why video marketing? The Reasons it is so Powerful - by Mark Egan ( http://www.mark-egan.com )

If you want to understand the power of video marketing just look at television. That medium could take chefs, fitness trainers and many other so-called "experts" and turn them into popular household names. What is interesting is that the same dynamics that have been working in television for years, are now accessible to anyone. You do not need anyone's permission to become an expert in your niche. Here are five reasons you should be using video marketing.

1. They say fish were the fish are. When it comes to the audience on Youtube it is quite stunning. I a single year Youtube has received a trillion views. That is why video marketing is essential for your business. Do you really want to ignore an audience that big?

2. It is no longer difficult to make a video. Whether you use a webcam, a cheap camera or an expensive one, you do not need a great deal of technical expertise to make a video. You can sit in front of a camera and record a few minutes in real time. Try sitting down and writing an article. Does that not take much longer? For many people video is simply easier.

3. Video has a personal element to it. As humans we make a lot of snap decisions about someone by how they look and sound. If you want to connect with an audience video is a fantastic way to do it. Besides meeting someone in person, there is no better way to get them to feel like they know and like you.

4. Video is also cheap. You can film video on your phone and upload it. You no longer even need a computer. The software for editing has become extremely affordable and Youtube is free. So altogether it is an amazingly cheap way to promote yourself. All it costs you is your time.

5. Video can earn you credibility with an audience. If you can demonstrate to viewers that you know what you are talking about, you can win their trust quickly. One of the best ways to do this is to post tips or "how to" videos in your niche. Many people will warm to your particular style of explaining things and will be much more willing to buy your products or services. It is the same dynamic that allows television chefs to sell millions of books.

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